Practice AreasMergers and Acquisitions

In our long history, we have assisted local and regional companies in investigating, structuring, and consummating sophisticated transactions. We regularly represent clients with respect to mergers, asset acquisitions and sales, stock acquisitions and sales, reorganizations, and joint ventures, as well as related financing transactions. Our M&A clients typically are small to mid-size privately held companies.

We pride ourselves on our ability to add valuable insight into the issues that our clients face and to guide our clients smoothly to favorable outcomes, regardless of the complexity or sophistication of the transaction. 

We value each transaction that our clients entrust to us, and we strive to:

  • acquire a deep understanding of the client’s business and the objectives of the transaction;
  • help identify and create a deal structure that best accomplishes those objectives;
  • identify early in the process the most significant risks, and develop ways to mitigate those risks;
  • address likely impediments to timely consummation of the transaction;
  • apply our experience to assist the client in developing negotiation strategies to obtain favorable deal terms;
  • manage the transaction process to facilitate the closing of the transaction on time; and
  • anticipate and respond quickly to the client’s needs and wishes.

Martindell has the experience and flexibility to staff each transaction appropriately, depending on each deal’s characteristics and our client’s preference. It is not our practice to assign a large staff to a deal solely for the purpose of having a large staff, and our lawyers are comfortable taking a transaction from start to finish on their own. However, when the sophistication and complexity of a deal calls for it, we have the depth to field a larger team of attorneys.

We understand that the client’s goal is to see the deal analyzed, negotiated, and closed. We are dedicated to providing the client with analysis, advice, and solutions that are understandable, practical, and useful. Over the years, we have delivered this for our clients time and again, and we remain committed to doing so in the future.

Among our recent engagements are the following:

  • Representation of industrial gas company as seller in stock transaction valued in excess of 15 million dollars
  • Representation of agricultural implement manufacturer in sale of operating division in transaction valued in excess of 4 million dollars
  • Representation of industrial company in a series of asset purchase acquisitions in 4 states valued in excess of 12 million dollars
  • Representation of agricultural industry business in a series of asset purchase acquisitions in Kansas valued in excess of 8 million dollars

For more information, contact John E. Caton at (620) 662-3331 or john.caton@martindell.comJohn B. Swearer also practices in this area.