“Kansas' backbone is agriculture. Roughly 88 percent of Kansas' land - more than 46.1 million acres - is devoted to farming and ranching, with more than 61,000 Kansans making a living from the land. And as the world's population nears 9 billion people, it's states like Kansas that play a vital part in feeding the globe.” Amy Bickel, “Progress: Agriculture is Kansas' sturdy backbone, and its fiscal impact can't be overstated”, The Hutchinson News (Apr. 3, 2016).

Several of our lawyers grew up on family farms and all have worked and lived in a farming community giving us unique perspectives of the issues facing Kansas farmers. Although the farming landscape is ever changing, we are ready to help our clients in the agribusiness sector adapt to these changes. Martindell lawyers have experience in the wide variety of legal issues encountered by the agribusiness community and are ready to assist with creative solutions to complex problems.

Our attorneys who practice in this area are John B. Swearer, S. Eric Steinle, and Arlyn Miller.

Cooperative Law

If Kansas' backbone is agriculture, then Kansas farmers cooperatives and other agricultural industries are its heart and soul.

As part of the firm's agribusiness and cooperative law practice, Martindell lawyers have devoted themselves to understanding the unique and complex legal issues facing cooperatives on a local, state, and national level and have gained a reputation as leaders in the field of cooperative law.

We are experienced in cooperative formation and organization, voting rights and governance, equity issues, antitrust/Capper-Volstead Act concerns, and cooperative tax issues. Our lawyers also assist cooperatives in the myriad number of other legal issues which arise in their industry including:

  • mergers, consolidations, and acquisitions;
  • formation of joint ventures and limited liability companies;
  • drafting and enforcement of grain contracts;
  • labor and employment matters and compliance;
  • real estate transactions;
  • collections and creditor's rights and bankruptcy; and
  • general litigation matters.

If an issue affects a Kansas cooperative, our lawyers are ready to help.

S. Eric Steinle leads the firm's cooperative practice representing approximately 60 farmers cooperatives covering the entire State of Kansas.